Monday, July 26, 2010

"Please Don't Stop the Music"

Last night I went to the Rihanna concert with one of my good friends from home, Sarah! This concert was a last minute decision. I didn't even know she was going to be in town. I found out maybe a week ago. I just bought $20 tickets and the seats were not bad at all. But I will say, this decision was the best. I had so much fun and enjoyed seeing her perform. Rihanna does give great concerts! She is so creative in her style. I mean, its a little crazy and weird, but its her style. Ke$ha opened up for her and this was my first time to actually see what she looks like. She's pretty, but real funky. Ke$ha did give a good concert too! Over all, it was a great night! Before the concert me and Sarah went to Spaghetti Warehouse and it was soo good! Last night just really made me want to go to more concerts!! :)
P.S. I was really hoping Eminem would pop up when Rihanna sang her part of "Love the way you lie"

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