Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Handsome One

Tonight I had a date with my sweet boyfriend, Patrick. He's been pretty busy with camps these past 3 weeks. And so he had a free night to take me on a date! :) He's interning at my church this summer and he's doing such an amazing job. The kids love him and he loves to hang out with them and just be himself. I"m very blessed that we are in the same city this summer.

If you don't know my boyfriend, he is pretty funny! He's sweet, kind, loving, funny, and knows how to make me the happiest. We've been dating for over a year and a half and those have been the most amazing days of my life. We've been through everything together. We have our ups and downs, but what we do best is laugh with each other!
I came to OC not expecting to find "the guy", but sophomore year he appeared in front of me! And I thank God for that day!
Tonight was just so relaxing and fun! We went to La Cantera and ate at Kona Grill. He had sushi for the first time and loved it. I love their sushi. It's soo good! We walked around the shops looking at stores and just held hands. It is such a nice feeling to have someone next to you, holding your hand. Makes me you feel special and tells you that you aren't alone. I'm blessed :)

Sorry if this was a lovey dovey blog. I just had to brag about my boyfriend once! :)
Now I'm off to bed because tomorrow is the Lord's day! :)
Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow! Oh and Happy 4th of July!! :)

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