Sunday, June 27, 2010

Am I really that indecisive?

Well, today was a pretty tiring day. Went to bed late and woke up early for church. I did some shopping with my mom. And then all of sudden I want a new phone. My phone I have now is okay, but I get tired of it easily. Well, I went on Craigslist and found a Sprint Instinct. It was a great price, so I called the lady and bought it from her. On the way home I was in the process of activating it when the lady tells me I need to upgrade to another kind of plan and it was going to be like $40 extra! $40 EXTRA! Uh, nope that going to happen. So, then I called the lady I bought it from and I returned it. She then told me that she had another phone that I could buy from her, so without thinking about it too much. I bought it. Well, now I'm home and I start to think, I don't want to give up my phone, so now I'm returning it back to her and keeping my old one. I feel horrible, I KNOW! But the lady did say, you call me if you change your mind or anything. So i took the offer. Tomorrow I'm returning the phone and sticking with old one. Here is my baby, and will always be my baby.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Miss Granbury

I was blessed to attend Camp Zenith as a counselor. It was my 6th year at Zenith. I used to go when I was in High School and now I go back to be a counselor. It is so much fun. It can be tiring because you wake up early and go to bed late, but then you get used to it. Just like today, I woke up early even though I didn't have to. Ha, it might go back to my normal in a few days with waking up pretty late, but I do return back to News 4 on Monday. The best part about camp was that I got to see the Granbury kids! They just brought a huge smile to my face. I miss them so much. It was very hard not to return back this summer, but I guess I have to start becoming an adult. Ugh. Oh well, I am going to college for a reason. When I arrived I saw Lexi, Paige, Daniel, Ty, Jason, and Justin. Then all the others would popped out and gave them hugs. Throughout the week I saw them here and there. I didn't have them in my group, but it was okay. I had other great kids! I had some from Weatherford, Altus, and Dallas. They were great and so much fun. They were all outgoing and not shy at ALL, which was so great for me!

Group 21

Me and Lexi

Me and Paige

Me with some of the boys.

I miss my Granbury Kids and they will always have a special place in my heart! I know that sounds cheesy, but its true :)

Other than missing my Granbury kids, camp was great. We had about 10 kids get baptized. God is Good. You could really see that God was working through these kids during the week. I'm very blessed.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Something New..

Well, I love to read my friend's blog and decided this morning, why don't I start one too. Maybe someone would like to read about my life? To be honest, I may not be all that interesting, but who knows something really cool could happen in my life, but I promise to make it worth reading!
Today, I need to finish packing for Camp Zenith. I'm so excited that I'll be a counselor again! It is an amazing experience! You definitely get something out of it. Being around other Christians is really a blessing, but being around 300 high school kids and their eager to learn more about Christ is just simply a beautiful thing. I can't wait to go back to OC (my second home) and be around amazing people!
Well, I better get to packing and I will update when I can!

much love!