Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am Tia DoDo

I just got back from the greatest trip ever! My parents and I went to McKinney (north of Dallas) to see my sisters, nephew, nieces, and brother in laws. We had some great family quality time! First night we got to my sister's new house, played with the kids and went to bed soo late! Woke up the next morning and did some shopping in Frisco. I got some great stuff and I bought my red Toms! Later that day my other sister came to my sister's house with my niece and brother in law. We had a great dinner and then went to the park that is right outside my sister's house. I had a ball with my nephew and nieces. Especially my nieces! They are 2 years old and they talk like crazy. Of course they aren't full sentences, but to hear them its the cutest! Every since William could talk he started to call me Tia DoDo. Then it just kind of stuck to me. Now my nieces call me that, the whole family really. Over all, I had the best time! Family is definitely a big part of my life! Of course, I missed Patrick and so did William. William adores Patrick and is always talking about him! It's the cutest thing. I love being an aunt. I love when the kids giving me hugs and kisses. It the greatest thing ever!

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