Friday, November 26, 2010

November Planning..

Being home is soo great! I'm so excited to be home! Flying back home was a little crazy. My flight from Dallas to San Antonio was canceled! I was put on standby. I finally got to get on a plane back home two and a half hours later! I was so anxious to get home. I think I was the last one to leave OC for home, so I was anxious!! When I got off the plane I walked fast to the baggage claim to meet with my dad. As I saw him from a far, tears started rolling down my face! Ran to him and hugged him tight. I was filled with emotion. I didn't want to let go because I knew people would just stare at me with my eyes filled with tears. I got my baggage and headed home. Nothing like coming back to hot weather! It was at least 80 degrees outside. A little after I got home, my mom got home from work. I was so happy. Back home with my parents. I sat down with them and my mom said, "Hey, lets go look at dresses." I had a huge smile on my face and ran to take a shower to get ready to try on dresses. We got ready and my mom and I were off to look at dresses. I had it stuck in my mind that we were just going to go look ONLY! I guess my mother knew me better because she brought the dress money without me knowing. First place we went to didn't have nothing! Next stop was David's Bridal. I had a couple of dresses that I had in mind that I wanted to try on. While looking through the dresses I found so many that I knew I wanted to try on. Once I had a few to try on, we went straight to the dressing room. Dress one: Ew. Dress two: Hmm..cute. Dress Three: the one I've always loved in pictures. I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror. I thought, this is the one. I loved it, my mom loved it, and my consultant loved it. I talked with my sisters and future mother in law and they approved. It was set, I was going to get it. When walking back to the dressing room I saw Dress two. I looked at my mom and said, I want to try that dress on again for some reason. She looked at me weird and said ok. I put it back on and my faced glowed! "Mom, I think this is THE ONE." For some odd reason, the second dresses made me feel like a bride. Don't get me wrong, Dress three is what I've always loved and will love, but Dress two was the one! It fit perfect, it looked perfect, and I just felt like a BRIDE! That evening was crazy. I couldn't believe that I changed my mind. That same day I walked out with my dress. I was in complete shock! The drive home, I had no doubts! Till this day, I still have no doubts! Knowing that Dress three was the dress that I've looked at for so long, Dress two was THE ONE! So now, so far I have a venue and a dress! I think I'm good with wedding planning for Thanksgiving! :)

232 more days!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

1 Room for 2 People?

Patrick and I are in the process of looking and figuring out where we want to go on our honeymoon. This is probably the hardest decision! We want a beach for sure, but don't know where?? What dawned to me last night was...we are booking one hotel room for us two. I'm a dork, I know, but it hit me. Wow, we are getting married! Ha, I know I'm a little late on that, but I'm excited! It's a great feeling that I'm going to get married and spend the rest of my life with that person. We are going to be roommates! (Sorry Alli, but I am going to miss you!!). It's life FREINDS, when Monica tells Rachel that Chandler is going to move it, "I'm going to live with a BOY!" and then Monica starts crying. Haha great episode!

On another note, I'm SOO EXICTED for tomorrow. I'm going to go see the Harry Potter movie!!! Every year I see the new Harry Potter movie the day it comes out, but this year I'm going a day late. It's okay, I know Patty doesn't care for big crowds, so I begged him to go the next day. Let's hope he likes it. I know I'll LOVE IT! Tomorrow is also a date day with Patrick. We are going to celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary and our engagement. We haven't celebrated or just spent time with just me and him to take everything in. So, I'm looking forward to it tomorrow!

Monday, November 15, 2010

We have A DATE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Patrick and I are getting married on July 16, 2011. I'm so excited!! We will be getting married at MacArthur Park Church of Christ and the reception will be at the Witte Museum. The wedding will all take place in San Antonio, Texas! Here is just one picture of the entrance of the reception. I want the wedding to be all a surprise! :) I will write about my planning, but this wedding is going to be a surprise and a PARTY! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stop, Is this real?!?! :)

Well y' happened!! I'm engaged! Patrick popped the question and I think...I said yes. Haha, well I'm pretty sure I did behind all the mumble jumble :) Well here is the story...
Patrick and me with our roommates have "roommate dinners" We haven't had one in awhile, so Jared sent out an email saying that we should have a roommate dinner like old times. He said just to come to the boys apartment after meeting. Well, out of all meetings, Gamma lasted for an hour and 20 mins. When I got out of meeting Alli texted me saying, "where are you?? The boys have to leave soon for their volleyball game!" So i called and said, Y'all eat without me, I'll be there soon. When I got to the parking lot, I ran up the stairs and knocked on the door. When it opened...BAM! Patty was dressed up so handsome and there were petals all over the floor and signs hanging everywhere! The first words out of my mouth were, "Where's Alli?" He laughed and said she's not here and got down on one knee. All I kept saying was..."Stop...Patrick..Stop...Stop Please (then started crying) My guess is he asked me when I started crying and I said YES! We hugged and I just kept saying, "Is this real? Is this real life right now?" And he just laughed and told me yes. I hugged him for so long and then he had me watch a video that he put together all by himself! I was so proud!! After the video Alli and Jared came out. Funny thing is, by then I didn't even have the ring on my finger!! So finally he put it on my finger and it became official! WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!! :) After it all, Patrick's parents and his brother and sister in law were at the door! Took lots of pictures, then Patrick had to leave quickly to his volleyball game. I had my candle-lighting that night and it was perfect! November 9th will never be forgotten and I'm so excited to become Mrs. Daniella Rayner!! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cute Couple

Can I just say that I thought Me and Patrick were so cute at the Gamma Date party. Trust me, there were a lot of great costumes at the party! Funny ones and cute ones. I just thought in my opinion, me and Patty were too darn cute! Take a look! :)

Growing Up

Well, I guess its that time for me to start looking into my future. Scary! I feel like I just started college just yesterday and now I'm graduating in April?!? Time flies by really fast!! For those still in college enjoy your years and make it the best! I know i still a semester left, but I hope to not waste it. I want to enjoy my last semester in college, last semester in Gamma, last spring sing, last everything! So sad, but exciting at the same time. Where do I start? How do I find a job? I like to get things done early. So I'm in the process of revising my resume and sending it out. I do need an internship this spring, so I'm looking for a internship that I can keep my foot in the door for when I graduate. I know I want to edit. I can sit in front of a computer all day long and just edit. Video editing is a passion of mine. I would also consider photography as another passion of mine. I went to a professionals luncheon this afternoon and had a blast. I meet a lot of people and got a lot of advice. Now, I just need to take action. Its the scary part. Today I got the push to start on something. I'm a little nervous because I feel like I won't get hired anywhere, but I did receive some great advice. "If you get rejected, don't let that bring you down, keep looking and don't give up" said Tristan from Gooden Group. I just need to keep my head up and start looking. Hopefully someone will hire me! :)