Monday, July 26, 2010

"Please Don't Stop the Music"

Last night I went to the Rihanna concert with one of my good friends from home, Sarah! This concert was a last minute decision. I didn't even know she was going to be in town. I found out maybe a week ago. I just bought $20 tickets and the seats were not bad at all. But I will say, this decision was the best. I had so much fun and enjoyed seeing her perform. Rihanna does give great concerts! She is so creative in her style. I mean, its a little crazy and weird, but its her style. Ke$ha opened up for her and this was my first time to actually see what she looks like. She's pretty, but real funky. Ke$ha did give a good concert too! Over all, it was a great night! Before the concert me and Sarah went to Spaghetti Warehouse and it was soo good! Last night just really made me want to go to more concerts!! :)
P.S. I was really hoping Eminem would pop up when Rihanna sang her part of "Love the way you lie"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am Tia DoDo

I just got back from the greatest trip ever! My parents and I went to McKinney (north of Dallas) to see my sisters, nephew, nieces, and brother in laws. We had some great family quality time! First night we got to my sister's new house, played with the kids and went to bed soo late! Woke up the next morning and did some shopping in Frisco. I got some great stuff and I bought my red Toms! Later that day my other sister came to my sister's house with my niece and brother in law. We had a great dinner and then went to the park that is right outside my sister's house. I had a ball with my nephew and nieces. Especially my nieces! They are 2 years old and they talk like crazy. Of course they aren't full sentences, but to hear them its the cutest! Every since William could talk he started to call me Tia DoDo. Then it just kind of stuck to me. Now my nieces call me that, the whole family really. Over all, I had the best time! Family is definitely a big part of my life! Of course, I missed Patrick and so did William. William adores Patrick and is always talking about him! It's the cutest thing. I love being an aunt. I love when the kids giving me hugs and kisses. It the greatest thing ever!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have a second love

No, I'm not cheating on Patrick. I just have this love for my reality shows. I know, they are bad and they aren't worth watching, but I love'em! I've watched the Hills since it started. It first started with Laguna Beach. That show only had 2 seasons, which I miss watching Laguna Beach so much, but then they grew up and LC started another show, The Hills. The Hills is about college girls living on their own in LA. Of course, there is girl drama and boy drama. I'm so entertained by it. Like I said I've watched it since they first started, but recently I missed two seasons and tonight is the finale. Tonight is the night where they all say goodbye and it will be completely over! I'm so sad that I missed 2 seasons, so what am I doing..watching them online both season 5 and 6. Not only do I love to watch The Hills, but the Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey. Yes, I know these are worse, but they are so entertaining. New York is already over and New Jersey is about to be over, but Bethenny getting married is still going on (I've got my mom hooked on that one) I love these shows and there is no stopping me :/ haha

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girlfriend Points

Today is Patrick's birthday and he turned 22! I didn't really get to spend much time with him because he was busy with intern lunch and then a youth activity after church. But I was lucky to have dinner with him last night and give him his gifts! I've just got to say I think I got some girlfriend points. Patrick is a huge Lakers fan and me of course, I love the Spurs. Well, when I got his shirt at Champs I got some ugly looks and was questioned of why I was getting a Lakers shirt. All I could say was, "it's for my boyfriend" they gave me a look of "i feel sorry for you." It didn't bother me because I know with me buying that shirt, I was going to get a happy boyfriend. Of course I showed my dad and he responded with, "well, you've got to get that shirt out of the house by midnight". Hahaha. So..I think I got girlfriend points! Overall we had a great night. I cooked Poppy seed Chicken (his favorite) and watched some FRIENDS (of course). He later got to Skype with his parents and he loved that. I know he misses home! He's only got three more weeks and he'll be back in Oklahoma, away from the Spurs fans.

Patrick with his Lakers shirt

We had a great night. Happy Birthday Patrick!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sick Days

Ugh, I hate when I get sick. I haven't gotten sick in awhile and then BAM! A few days ago the body aches hit me. MAN! Well, that is why I haven't blogged. So far life has been good. I've laid in bed and watched Friends seasons 7 & 8 :) I've gone into work a couple of days for a few hours to help edit, but I would leave home early to get more rest. I don't want to look like a bad intern, ya know. Hopefully this weekend I'll rest so when Monday comes I'm ready and back to normal! is my boyfriend's birthday on Sunday! So may not get all the rest, but I have laid in bed all week. I think I should be fine :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Handsome One

Tonight I had a date with my sweet boyfriend, Patrick. He's been pretty busy with camps these past 3 weeks. And so he had a free night to take me on a date! :) He's interning at my church this summer and he's doing such an amazing job. The kids love him and he loves to hang out with them and just be himself. I"m very blessed that we are in the same city this summer.

If you don't know my boyfriend, he is pretty funny! He's sweet, kind, loving, funny, and knows how to make me the happiest. We've been dating for over a year and a half and those have been the most amazing days of my life. We've been through everything together. We have our ups and downs, but what we do best is laugh with each other!
I came to OC not expecting to find "the guy", but sophomore year he appeared in front of me! And I thank God for that day!
Tonight was just so relaxing and fun! We went to La Cantera and ate at Kona Grill. He had sushi for the first time and loved it. I love their sushi. It's soo good! We walked around the shops looking at stores and just held hands. It is such a nice feeling to have someone next to you, holding your hand. Makes me you feel special and tells you that you aren't alone. I'm blessed :)

Sorry if this was a lovey dovey blog. I just had to brag about my boyfriend once! :)
Now I'm off to bed because tomorrow is the Lord's day! :)
Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow! Oh and Happy 4th of July!! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tear Jerker

Well, tonight I went to go see Toy Story 3 with my parents. Wow, what a great movie. I love all three, but the second one will always have my heart! If you haven't seen Toy Story 3 GO SEE IT! Its worth it! I'm not going to tell you anything about it, but it can really make you tear up. I loved every minute of it! It made me laugh, smile, and cry.
Tomorrow I go back to work. Ya see, I only need 120 hours for credit hour of an internship, but I want to do more than that. I want more experience and they are sure giving it to me! If you don't know, I'm interning at WOAI New 4 and I love it! I'm interning with the editors and they are great! They have taught me a lot and I'm really learning a lot from them. I've learned the new program they use and I've got to do packages and edit things by myself. I'm really loving life. The great part is, is that when I edit stuff I get to watch Housewives of New Jersey if they are on during the day. It's great! Haha. Really makes me think about my future and how I really want to do this when I graduate. I've just got to get another internship in Oklahoma so that way HOPEFULLY I can get a job!
Well, my boyfriend comes back tomorrow from camp! I've missed him! He has done such a great job as a youth intern at my church. He loves the kids and the kids love him! He's such a great person and I love him so much for that. God has really blessed me with a amazing Christian man! He makes me happy and there is no one that can replace him! :)
Well, I better get to bed soon. Have a great night ya'll!
Also, is it me or has this week gone by so fast?