Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stop, Is this real?!?! :)

Well y' happened!! I'm engaged! Patrick popped the question and I think...I said yes. Haha, well I'm pretty sure I did behind all the mumble jumble :) Well here is the story...
Patrick and me with our roommates have "roommate dinners" We haven't had one in awhile, so Jared sent out an email saying that we should have a roommate dinner like old times. He said just to come to the boys apartment after meeting. Well, out of all meetings, Gamma lasted for an hour and 20 mins. When I got out of meeting Alli texted me saying, "where are you?? The boys have to leave soon for their volleyball game!" So i called and said, Y'all eat without me, I'll be there soon. When I got to the parking lot, I ran up the stairs and knocked on the door. When it opened...BAM! Patty was dressed up so handsome and there were petals all over the floor and signs hanging everywhere! The first words out of my mouth were, "Where's Alli?" He laughed and said she's not here and got down on one knee. All I kept saying was..."Stop...Patrick..Stop...Stop Please (then started crying) My guess is he asked me when I started crying and I said YES! We hugged and I just kept saying, "Is this real? Is this real life right now?" And he just laughed and told me yes. I hugged him for so long and then he had me watch a video that he put together all by himself! I was so proud!! After the video Alli and Jared came out. Funny thing is, by then I didn't even have the ring on my finger!! So finally he put it on my finger and it became official! WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!! :) After it all, Patrick's parents and his brother and sister in law were at the door! Took lots of pictures, then Patrick had to leave quickly to his volleyball game. I had my candle-lighting that night and it was perfect! November 9th will never be forgotten and I'm so excited to become Mrs. Daniella Rayner!! :)

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