Friday, November 26, 2010

November Planning..

Being home is soo great! I'm so excited to be home! Flying back home was a little crazy. My flight from Dallas to San Antonio was canceled! I was put on standby. I finally got to get on a plane back home two and a half hours later! I was so anxious to get home. I think I was the last one to leave OC for home, so I was anxious!! When I got off the plane I walked fast to the baggage claim to meet with my dad. As I saw him from a far, tears started rolling down my face! Ran to him and hugged him tight. I was filled with emotion. I didn't want to let go because I knew people would just stare at me with my eyes filled with tears. I got my baggage and headed home. Nothing like coming back to hot weather! It was at least 80 degrees outside. A little after I got home, my mom got home from work. I was so happy. Back home with my parents. I sat down with them and my mom said, "Hey, lets go look at dresses." I had a huge smile on my face and ran to take a shower to get ready to try on dresses. We got ready and my mom and I were off to look at dresses. I had it stuck in my mind that we were just going to go look ONLY! I guess my mother knew me better because she brought the dress money without me knowing. First place we went to didn't have nothing! Next stop was David's Bridal. I had a couple of dresses that I had in mind that I wanted to try on. While looking through the dresses I found so many that I knew I wanted to try on. Once I had a few to try on, we went straight to the dressing room. Dress one: Ew. Dress two: Hmm..cute. Dress Three: the one I've always loved in pictures. I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror. I thought, this is the one. I loved it, my mom loved it, and my consultant loved it. I talked with my sisters and future mother in law and they approved. It was set, I was going to get it. When walking back to the dressing room I saw Dress two. I looked at my mom and said, I want to try that dress on again for some reason. She looked at me weird and said ok. I put it back on and my faced glowed! "Mom, I think this is THE ONE." For some odd reason, the second dresses made me feel like a bride. Don't get me wrong, Dress three is what I've always loved and will love, but Dress two was the one! It fit perfect, it looked perfect, and I just felt like a BRIDE! That evening was crazy. I couldn't believe that I changed my mind. That same day I walked out with my dress. I was in complete shock! The drive home, I had no doubts! Till this day, I still have no doubts! Knowing that Dress three was the dress that I've looked at for so long, Dress two was THE ONE! So now, so far I have a venue and a dress! I think I'm good with wedding planning for Thanksgiving! :)

232 more days!!

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