Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our first..

Me and Patrick have this saying of "Our first..(fill in the blank). It started when we first started dating. We went to the Alamo Bowl together and it was our first Alamo Bowl game together. Then it was a Redhawks opening game, then it was first Pro baseball pre-season game together (Athletics/Rangers). That game we met Josh Hamilton and Derek Holland. It was so great! Then we had our first Rangers/Twins game on the 3rd row. Yesterday it was our first playoff baseball game (Rangers/Yankees). As you can tell majority of all "our first" we like to start are about sports. We love sports and we love to watch sports together. Today, I tried to convince him for us to get World Series tickets and call it our first World series game, but he said no because tickets are WAY expensive. He is right, but it would be amazing to go to the game. The world series tickets are for the Rangers. I have a strong feeling that they will make it to the World Series! They have a great chance! They did so well yesterday in Game 2. They lost Game 1, but yesterday they swept the Yankees. I'm so excited to watch Game 3 tomorrow!! Lets home they do well and beat them in New York. I love my relationship with Patrick and I love that we can start sayings like "this will be our first..." Who knows what will be the next "Our First" :)

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