Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gamma Rho

Well, rush and greek week is over. I can't believe its all done and now the Gammies have become a Gamma girl! It is so exciting! I love meeting them as freshmen and then they rush Gamma and get in. Its a great process! They are now my sisters! As much as I love rush and greek week, i'm glad its over. It takes over your life, but really fun at the same time. I guess you can say, I'm ready to have a normal schedule and go to bed early because all of my homework will get done early! Now about my Gamma family, the Niles. Love them to death. I feel that this year we have all got really close. We spent lots of time together and it has been a blast. Kind of sad that this is my last year for everything. I'm graduating! Ah! I'm going to miss Gamma and OC, but I'll be excited to graduate and not have homework :) I hope Gamma and my Niles family will grow strong through the years! And I think it will! Thanks to everyone that made rush so great! Great job Kirby and Keely!! Now lets make this a great year for GAMMA! YEAR OF THE ORANGE! GO GAMMA RHO!

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