Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yellow Shoes

I'm HOME! YAY! It feels so good to be back home. The weather today was soo great! It was 84 and it was just beautiful outside. I wore shorts and I was happy!

One thing that I'm not happy about is finding my wedding shoes. Since my colors are Yellow and Black, I want yellow shoes. I love yellow. Yellow is my favorite! I've gone to lots of places and I can't find the yellow shoes I want. They do have some yellow shoes but they aren't wedding style. If you know of any place that has Yellow shoes. I need your help!

If all else fails, I'll wear these! I mean, they are cute! :)


  1. I went looking for yellow shoes and didn't have much luck. Every place said to wait until March/April, but since I was getting my dress hemmed, I had to get them before then. I found mine at Good luck! The Toms would be adorable, too!

  2. I say go with the toms! it is so important to be comfortable on your big day! I wore cowboy boots and I think it was the best decision I made cause it added the special touch i wanted and I was super comfy and could focus on what was really important! Plus those yellow toms are adorable!