Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Spring Sing is finally over. And I'm very sad about it. I know I was tired and really ready for it be over because it took over my life, but I miss it so much. This year was so much fun and I will cherish the memories! This year we got 2nd and I couldn't be more proud of Gamma. We grew together as a club and had the time of our lives. Saturday night performance was the best. The performances before that were great as well, but that night was THE best. We were all discouraged because we had to preform first, but when we stepped on that stage, it changed! I had the opportunity to be on the front row this year and it was the best. At first I was nervous, but when I saw a crowd in front of me it was a great feeling! When we finished performing on Saturday night chills ran down my body. We all felt the same way. We all ran to our holding room screaming! There were big smiles on all the Gamma Minnies. At that point, we didn't care what place we got. We gave it our all and gave an amazing show! We had soo much energy. These memories that were made will never be forgotten. Thank you Gamma for a great year in Spring Sing!!

Gamma Rho!



  1. You were fantastic. I even texted Amber about your awesome Spring Sing faces! :)

  2. It's true. She did. And I agree, fantastic!