Sunday, June 27, 2010

Am I really that indecisive?

Well, today was a pretty tiring day. Went to bed late and woke up early for church. I did some shopping with my mom. And then all of sudden I want a new phone. My phone I have now is okay, but I get tired of it easily. Well, I went on Craigslist and found a Sprint Instinct. It was a great price, so I called the lady and bought it from her. On the way home I was in the process of activating it when the lady tells me I need to upgrade to another kind of plan and it was going to be like $40 extra! $40 EXTRA! Uh, nope that going to happen. So, then I called the lady I bought it from and I returned it. She then told me that she had another phone that I could buy from her, so without thinking about it too much. I bought it. Well, now I'm home and I start to think, I don't want to give up my phone, so now I'm returning it back to her and keeping my old one. I feel horrible, I KNOW! But the lady did say, you call me if you change your mind or anything. So i took the offer. Tomorrow I'm returning the phone and sticking with old one. Here is my baby, and will always be my baby.

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