Monday, July 4, 2011

It's crunch time

Well folks, its been awhile since I've updated. I'm sorry about that. Weddings, planning my wedding and getting ready to move into the apartment that I will call Home.

My best friend Erin got married and my two really good friends Amber and Corey got married. I was blessed to be part of both of those weddings! Both weddings were beautiful and the brides were gorgeous of course! During Erin's wedding I started to get very excited for my wedding, but during Amber's I was starting to freak out. I guess it was because I knew it wasn't long time my wedding. There is so much to do! Thankful all the big stuff are done, just need the little details and then on top of that I need to pack and move into the apartment. These past days have been waking up, running errands, packing, and more wedding stuff. Every night around 10ish I'm tired. I can't wait until I can stop thinking about other stuff and just focus on having fun with my husband. (ah, husband. Weird to say that hehe)

We are now down to 12 more days! I know these days are going to fly by! I'm excited. Right now I'm just so excited to move all my stuff into the apartment. My parent's and I leave early Friday morning to Oklahoma to move all the furniture and my stuff into the apartment. Tomorrow morning Patrick will move all his stuff. I can't believe it. It's HAPPENING! :) I'm very excited. Here are some pictures from those beautiful weddings! I pray that these two couples have a happy and beautiful life together :)

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